I am so glad you decided to visit my website!  

Who am I?  South African born, my life journey led me to extraordinary places one of which is now my forever home, New Zealand. My husband and I decided to settle and start our family in this beautiful paradise in 2008. I have a beautiful daughter and two very active twin boys.  The love of photography has been a part of me since I can remember! My grandfathers’ old Imperial Reflex camera was my first “toy”… my inspiration.

 Through my lens I have seen love, I have seen 10 perfect little toes and the most perfect little smiles, I have seen families reunite, making lasting memories, families grow, and new ones made. This is not my career, this is my life and my gift back to everyone who I photograph.

 A little about the name.. Agape - often translated as unconditional love which ties in with the love I have for my family, God and the art of photography. I believe wholeheartedly that this is my gift from God.